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Stanbee is proud to announce the release of the Stanbee Calibration Tool, a mobile app that is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and on the Google Play Store for Android users. The  app allows factory workers calibrate the settings of heel counter part activation machines to ensure effective integration of the Stanbee product into shoe uppers.

How it works

The Stanbee Calibration Tool enables workers on the factory floor to self-test equipment without the assistance of a Stanbee technician. Factories will be supplied with the app as well as the appropriate testing tools, an infrared scanner and/or a thermocouple thermometer with probe.

• Because the activation process has two parts — heating the materials to the proper temperature to mold it to the shoe, and cooling the material to fix the shape — the app includes both hot and cold tests.

• Both types of test follow the same process: users input the particulars of their configuration which include the type of activation machine, Stanbee product type and thickness, and model of the shoe. The app displays the recommended temperature and users then enter the current settings of the machine.

• The testing of the actual equipment temperatures with the heat measurement tools comes next, supported by the app’s timer which records the time needed to reach the optimal temperature.

• The user then inputs the results and the app generates an evaluation, plotting the results against the settings and the desired ranges with an easy to interpret visual gauge display.

• The results are saved in list form the app generates a graph that functions as a simple trending analysis.

The app also features short instructional videos that illustrate each step of the shoe part activation process, as well as specification sheets for each of the Stanbee products.




We are committed the Stanbee Standards for Success — guidelines, services and tools to insure that our customers achieve the most effective integration of Stanbee products.

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