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    In 2019 Stanbee celebrated 70 years in business, and our 10th year manufacturing in Asia.

    We recognize that the world is always changing and a company has to evolve to survive and grow. Our goal 10 years ago was to develop a line of high performance products that were more cost efficient and sustainable. We took an innovative approach and have developed and patented some of the best counter and box toe materials in the industry. We set up a new production facility in Asia to produce these products and have been delivering them since 2008. We are very proud of what we have accomplished but we are not done. We are committed to grow and evolve as we improve our products and our process to be even more efficient, effective and sustainable in the years ahead.

    The heart of our operation is the extrusion line.

    This is where technology and innovation all come together to create some of the best performing and sustainable products in the industry. Our proprietary formulation of copolymer materials and recycle are the key but it is the extrusion process that makes it a reality. Our product is produced using a dual extrusion system with a 3 layer die. There are no coatings or additional processing required to finish the sheet. The core defines the physical properties and the outer layers are the hot melt TPU. We can fine tune the blends to make extremely firm counter material to a light weight box toe material. The extrusion line drives process from raw material feed to a finished product on a pallet ready for delivery to customer or to our cutting department.

    We are have pioneered Zero Waste.

    The Net part program is our Zero Waste option. Factories provide us with electronic files representing the parts and we lay out with the optimal yield and cut by CAD. The cutting tables eliminate the need for dies and allows Stanbee to provide customers with the finished parts. The yields are better than could be achieved with die cutting and all the labor and overhead for this operation stay within Stanbee. The best part however is that all the cutting waste remains here as well and is recycled back into our product. Customers receive exactly what they order saving on shipping and waste disposal costs.

    Quality is an overriding influence on everything we do.

    It starts with the right raw materials and extends all the way to delivery. We have complete traceability of every product produced. We also have very strict guidelines for testing everything, from moisture and melt point of raw materials to dome testing of finished product. All Stanbee products are tested to SATRA requirements and have our seal of approval before shipment.

    Sustainability drives the development our products.

    Recyclability and recycle content are a part of every product we make. The ultimate statement in sustainability however is our Zero Waste program. Recycling all cutting waste in addition to processing waste provides the best opportunity to make all our products greener. Taking responsibility for waste management out of the factory’s hands and focusing it back at the source is the best way to insure a sustainable approach. Doing the right thing for the brand and the customer can also the best decision for our planet.

    It’s the people that really make a difference at Stanbee.

    The person who takes an order, the technician on the extrusion line, the person setting up the cutting yields, the chemist in the lab or even the person sweeping the floor all have a common goal. That goal is to make sure our products and services are of the highest standard and most importantly our customers are happy. Having a common goal and great people, make the team at Stanbee and our products very special.

    Our mission is to lead the industry with the highest quality, waste-free, lighter, thinner, and the most technically advanced products, and to further advance our presence in Thailand, and continue to grow throughout Asia.