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    1. Stanbee Founded

      Manny Berkson and his son, Stan, found the company. Later Manny’s second son, Howard, joined to head up sales and marketing. Below: Howard, Manny & Stan — c. 1972

      Stanbee 1972 3

    2. 1950s

      The Stanbee Bee Logo!

      Stanbee Logo 1960

    3. 1960s

      In the early years, Stanbee made its name with components in all kinds of footwear – from dress shoes for men and women to children’s shoes. NFL players like Paul Hornung knew about Stanbee from the cleated shoes they wore under the toughest field and weather conditions the 1960s had to offer.

      Stanbee ad 1964 Stanbee Hornung 1965

    4. 1970s

      Stanbee expanded its factory in New Jersey in 1969, and bolstered its industry reputation by pioneering the manufacture of a VHC counter, a traditional non-woven resin-saturated product with adhesive coating.

      Stanbee factory 1970s 3 Stanbee factory 1970s 1 Stanbee factory 1970s 2 Stanbee factory 1970s 2

    5. 1990s

      The 1990s saw Stanbee responding to key customers' challenges to create a waste-free product, and the increased involvement of the third generation of Berksons in the business. Below: Michael Berkson in 1990, and the plaque honoring the memory of his father Howard Berkson, who ran Stanbee from 1973-1999.

      Stanbee 1990 Stanbee HB plaque 1999  

    6. 2000s

      As the 21st century dawned, Stanbee boldly took on the challenge of reinventing itself and in 2008 the company opened its first facility in Asia – where it has developed a “New Age” family of products – high performing, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly.

      Stanbee 2008 1

    7. 2010s

      In 2010, Stanbee introduced a breakthrough counter/box toe product — VERGE, containing 50% recycled material and 100% recyclable. 2012 saw the debut of Vantage, fully recyclable low activation thermoplastic counter/box toe. And in 2014, Stanbee Asia moved to new state-of-the-art production facility outside Bangkok, Thailand.
      eco_friendly Stanbee_Thailand3

    8. 2018

      In 2018, Stanbee celebrated its 70th year in business, and its 10th year manufacturing in Asia.