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  • Vantage ®E

    1M and 2M Box Toe and Counter Material

    Vantage E offers shoemakers a low activation thermoplastic counter/box toe with the ability to have a longer open time and more working flexibility with this versatile material. After heat activating Vantage E, the material will stay soft and workable for several minutes. We offer a few different versions of Vantage E; our proprietary formula can be provided with a strong polyester scrim backer on one side (1M) or it can be sandwiched between 2 backers (2M). All versions have an adhesive layer on both sides to provide superior bond. Standard offerings are listed below but custom options can be made available to suit the application.


    GRADE & GAUGE (±5%)

    VANTAGE 15 1M E                    0.33mm

    VANTAGE 20 1M E                    0.43mm

    VANTAGE 25 1M E                    0.56mm

    VANTAGE 30 1M E                    0.70mm

    VANTAGE 35 1M E                    0.83mm

    VANTAGE 20 2M E                    0.50mm

    VANTAGE 25 2M E                    0.65mm

    VANTAGE 30 2M E                    0.80mm

    VANTAGE 35 2M E                    0.93mm

    VANTAGE 40 2M E                    1.05mm



    A proprietary blend of resins with or without a polyester backer that offer long open times for factories that require this for their production needs. An adhesive is built into this compound that offers superior bonding strength to all upper and lining materials including the most difficult uppers such as high oil content leathers.



    CUTTING: Vantage E can be cut in any direction even on bias. This will allow for optimum cutting yields.

    HEAT ACTIVATION: Recommend Bond Line temperature of 80°C/ 175°F but product is designed to work within a range of 70*C -90*C

    COLD MOLD: Recommend to use cold mold with temperature of -5*C and sufficient dwell time to secure minimum bond-line temperature of 30*C

    ORIENTATION: Product has hot melt adhesive on both sides and can be oriented in either direction between upper or lining.



    This product is eligible for Stanbee Zero Waste program and can be ordered as cut part instead of the sheet format. This allows all the cutting waste to be recycled in house and provides a greener solution.  All that is required is a DXF file and the appropriate information required for printing on the part.



    SHEET SIZE: 40” x 60” (101.6cm x 152.4cm)

    AREA: 1.852 SY – 1.548 SM

    PACKAGING: Sheets are put on pallets of 500 sheets per pallet.

    STORAGE: Store in a dry cool area. Shelf life is unlimited.



    VANTAGE ® E products are approved and protected under US patent 7,975,404 other foreign patents and US / foreign applications pending