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    Counter Material

    A new generation of counter material developed primarily for use in athletic, sport, and duty footwear.  VHC® provides the hardness and durability requirements of counters for these footwear categories.  VHC® is constructed of a continuous-fiber base fabric, impregnated with a newly developed proprietary resin, and “Z” coated on both sides for bonding.


    VHC® 30 R                    .040 inches ± 10%  (1.01mm ± 10%)

    VHC® 40 R                    .047 inches ± 10%  (1.19mm ± 10%)

    VHC® 50 R                    .057 inches ± 10%  (1.45mm ± 10%)

    VHC® 60R                     .068 inches ± 10%  (1.72mm ± 10%)

    VHC® 70 R                    .075 inches ± 10%  (1.90mm ± 10%)

    VHC® 80 R                    .087 inches ± 10%  (2.20mm – 2.23mm)

    VHC® 90 R                    .095 inches ± 10%  (2.41mm ± 10%)


    FABRIC: A super tough polyester non-woven, deigned to provide tear strength to withstand pressures of lasting.

    SATURATION: A proprietary thermoplastic resin, offering the ultimate in firmness with excellent molding characteristics and durability.

    THERMO COATING: VHC® materials are available with Stanbee’s “Z” thermo coating.  This thermoplastic adhesive has been formulated to provide the best bonds to a variety of upper/quarter lining materials.  “Z” coating is a viscous adhesive with excellent hot tack properties, requiring lower than normal temperatures for bond.


    PATTERNS: Insert counter patterns should incorporate a slash or V-notch, and should be designed with sufficient spring to allow for easy insertion, and conformity to the back curve of the upper.

    CUTTING: VHC® materials must be cut selvage to selvage (long dimension of die parallel to material width), and can be multiple ply cut regulated by the type of equipment used.

    FITTING ROOM: Skiving of the counter wing ends and/or top edge may be necessary to prevent X-ray. This operation can be performed on a drum type skiver fitted with a knurled feed roll, and preferably a powered roller top foot. Best results can be obtained by providing lubrication (soap/water mixture) to drum.

    Under certain conditions, it may be advantageous to apply counter to quarter (foxing) prior to upper assembly This application can be achieved by spot activation or spot cementing counter to foxing.

    ACTIVATION: Minimum Bond Line temperature of 75°C/167°F is required.

    LASTING: VHC® materials are designed for back part molding on-the-last, or hot/cold off-the-last forming. Two-way activators (heated male/female molds) tend to properly activate at lower temperature and dwell time settings.

    VHC® materials used in foam-backed-lined athletic footwear may be activated (prior to cold molding) via a hot air system. This procedure prevents destruction of the lining foam cells, or adhesive bleed through lightweight synthetic fiber lining materials. A Stanbee representative can provide details.


    SHEET SIZE: 40” x 61” (101.6cm x 154.9cm)

    AREA: 1.88 S/Y – 1.572 S/M

    PACKAGING: Sheets are put up on pallets.  Amounts vary depending on the weight of the material.

    STORAGE: Store in a dry area.  Shelf life is unlimited.


    VHC is a registered trademark of Stanbee.