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  • GI Light Ginger Series

    Insole Material

    GI insole material is composed of a high denier, polyester non-woven fabric.  In manufacturer of this fabric, a special needling process is utilized which provides an excellent media for bonding.  The fabric is saturated with proprietary resins that enhance strength, durability, flexibility and comfort during wear in both dry and wet environments.

    GI Light Ginger can be buffed for a smoother and softer surface.

    GI materials are a quality alternative to generally more expensive insole materials.  GI will not delaminate nor degrade due to moisture and perspiration. GI provides exceptional flexibility and cushioning underfoot.

    GI – 75                   .069 inches – .077 inches (1.75mm – 1.95mm)
    GI – 80 Buffed        .076 inches – .086 inches (1.93mm – 2.18mm)
    GI – 100              .090 inches – .100 inches (2.28mm – 2.54mm)
    GI – 150              .135 inches – .160 inches (3.43mm – 4.06mm)
    PATTERNS: Manufacturer’s decision
    CUTTING: GI materials may be cut in multiple plies – regulated by grade and equipment used. GI materials have a directional flex, and should be cut selvage to selvage.
    BASTING: Standard procedures as per construction type.

    SHEET SIZE: 40″ X 61″ or 101.6cm x 154.9cm
    AREA: 1.883   S/Y – 1.574 S/M
    PACKAGING: Sheets are put up on pallets.  Amounts vary depending on the weight of the material
    STORAGE: Store in a dry area.  Shelf life is unlimited.