New and Noteworthy

Stanbee Asia Expands

In 2018, Stanbee marked the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Stanbee Asia Limited (SAL) and Stanbee’s first production facility in Thailand. As Stanbee’s second decade in Asia begins, the company has announced ambitious plans for growth in Thailand and expansion into Vietnam.

In early April 2019, Stanbee formalized the agreement made in September 2018 with The Amata Corporation to purchase to additional land designated for future expansion close to SAL’s headquarters in Thailand.

CEO Michael Berkson also announced Stanbee’s plans to expand into Vietnam by opening a new company, Stanbee Asia Vina (SAV). Later in 2019, SAV will open a new factory just east of Ho Chi Minh City where it will continue Stanbee’s commitment to full sustainability for its waste-free box toes and counters by expanding the digital cutting operation there, recapturing waste and shipping it back to Thailand to be re-extruded. Further expansion will add extrusion capacity to the Vietnam facility, allow the re-extrusion of all cutting waste in house — a staple of the Thai operations since 2008.

Pictured below: (L to R) Stanbee Asia Ltd.’s Managing Director Ms. Pikul Canthasaksriri; Stanbee CEO Michael Berkson; Mr. Viboon Kromadit, Chief Marketing Officer, Amata Corporation; Mr. Chackchai Panichpat, Executive Director, Amata Corporation
Stanbee and Amata Signing